Strategic Resilience Consulting

We Help US Organizations Prepare for Disasters, Crises, and "Rainy Days"

Your environment is becoming riskier. Market changes, complex supply chains, more severe natural disasters, and increasing cyber threats make it more likely that your organization will experience an event that negatively impacts your competitive advantage, day-to-day operations, and your ability to prosper over the long term. Strategies to prepare for these risks have largely been reserved for organizations with large budgets – until now. 

At Rainy Day Resilience, our mission is to make strategic and holistic resilience planning accessible to small and mid-sized organizations. Leverage our strategic planning, crisis management, business continuity, and cyber incident experience to jump start your resilience journey today.

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Is Your Organization Resilient?

Tactical approaches to resilience merely focus on backing up your data or recovering your servers and phones. Holistic resilience requires focus on your entire operating model and organization strategy. 

Building holistic resilience into the operating model of your organization reduces the impact of marketplace crises (natural and manmade) so you can keep doing the job your customers are hiring you to do - now and in the future.  

Holistic Resilience Consulting

Our services are based on leading practices while removing the complexity and jargon typically associated with operating model resilience and organization strategic planning. We seek to provide your organization with the knowledge and capability to manage your own holistic resilience.