Rainy Day Resilience

Success beyond Luck

Empowering Private Small- and Mid-sized Businesses to Safeguard Their Bottom Line

You work hard every day to serve your customers, manage your employees, and keep your books in order. Is your dedication to your day-to-day work leaving the future success of your business to chance? 

Rainy Day Resilience empowers you to take control of your future by infusing resilience into your regular routine. We listen to your unique situation without judgement and empower you with the executive-level knowledge, tools, and perspective you need to protect and grow your business.   

Our Services

Business Resilience Coaching

Gain the knowledge and tools you need to secure your bottom line. 

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Crisis Preparedness Coaching

 Sleep better knowing you have a plan to handle unexpected events.

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"The coaching provided by Rainy Day Resilience allowed my business to plan and pursue opportunities that will both provide growth and reduce the impact of outside forces on my business's bottom line." 

- Josh Huisenga, Owner of Chalkbox Creative


"Rainy Day was extremely accessible, responsive, and detail oriented. They really helped my organization think through our policies and procedures for our crisis response. I would recommend this service to any organization that does not have a detailed plan laid out." 

-Eric Holzapfel, Immigration Manager at Entre Hermanos