Rainy Day Resilience is a Seattle-based business consultancy helping companies continue to thrive when faced with the unexpected. 


Brad Krueger, resilience coach

Brad Krueger knows something about taking calculated risks. When he decided to step away from his corporate career, he had a plan. Brad knew Seattle-area entrepreneurs were craving the kind of strategic thinking big companies take for granted so they can protect and grow their businesses. Seeing business owners with brilliant vision having their creative energy distracted by fear and worry gave Brad the spark he needed. People like to talk about being lucky in business, but Brad knows all too well that lack of preparedness doesn’t keep risk at bay. A solid resilience plan, tailored and practical, can assure continued viability in the face of a disruptive event.

Depth and expertise

A lot of what Brad has to offer is his propensity for structure. You can thank the MBA for that. It allows him to look at a business holistically, uncovering risks and opportunities that might be overlooked.  While risk is all part of business, Brad has extensive experience mitigating risk and even turning it into an advantage. In fact, he’s developed and project managed critical large-scale programs in enterprise resiliency, information security, and compliance at CUNA Mutual Group, a company serving financial institutions nationwide.

Not a guru but a guide

You may begin to think Brad can see into the future. He can’t. But he does have a finely-honed ability to predict how events could potentially impact a business. This comes from more than a decade having to do just that. He’s grappled with every conceivable scenario, from monitoring internal incidents to preparing and training for large-scale disaster response. Brad believes the difference between paralysis and resilience is thoughtful planning. 

Brad knows business preparedness doesn’t just happen, so he’s designed a strategic approach to protecting your assets, employees, and value well into the future.


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