Rainy Day Resilience

Business Resilience Coaching

Is your business profitable, but you aspire to have more stability and growth? We have the knowledge and experience to help you to see your business from a new strategic perspective so you can thoughtfully grow and safeguard your bottom line.

Our executive-level knowledge and tools and on-going coaching enables you to:

  • Gain insight into your business's competitive advantage and profit margins.
  • Be more comfortable and confident making strategic expense and revenue decisions.
  • Focus your limited resources on your highest profitability, customer value, and organization efficiency priorities.
  • Have better personal income security because you can potentially foresee and mitigate cash flow disruptions.

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1-on-1 Coaching Session

Most Engagements Include 6 Components

1. What Defines Your Competitive Advantage?

Before we can advise you, we need to better understand what makes your organization tick. To do this, we work with you to understand why your customers pick your organization over the competition, who your customers are, and what key assets, capabilities and partners you rely on to be successful. This information is necessary in order to focus the engagement on growing and protecting your competitive advantage. 

2. What Influences Your Profitability?

We advise you on the macro and micro industry-specific factors that could positively and negatively influence your profits. 

3. Profitability Strengths, Concerns, and Opportunities

We advise you of the estimated strength of your business niche/moat and potential opportunities to grow and protect your profitability.

4. Profit Resilience Planning

We empower you to rally your team around your organization's meaning (i.e. north star), forecast future profits, and define your organization's long-term profit, customer, and efficiency goals.  

5. Set Quarterly Objectives

Last, but not least, we help you convert your profit resilience planning into measurable yearly and quarterly objectives so you can monitor your progress and adapt as market conditions change.

6. Ongoing Coaching

Resilience is not achieved by doing a one and done check the box plan. Once the tools above are in place, we continue to partner with you to encourage you, answer questions, and provide you an outside objective perspective. It is also been proven that you are far more likely to achieve your goals if you share them with someone else that helps you hold yourself accountable.