Coaching and mentoring


One-to-one resilience coaching

Keep your resilience planning fresh with ongoing or periodic support.

One-to-one resilience coaching can be effective at various junctures. It’s a great first step to establish priorities for effective company-wide planning. Individual coaching can also be aligned with the planning process, giving you a chance to digest what you’re learning along the way. And, of course, mentoring is the perfect follow-on to a completed resilience program.

By your side as you put your plan into action.

Ongoing coaching helps you keep the focus on your company’s resilience plan, challenge objections, gain buy-in, and drive action. I’ll be by your side while you put your program in motion because sometimes questions don’t come into clear focus until you’ve been fully immersed in building out your plan.

Schedule what you need – weekly sessions, monthly sessions, or something in between. I’m also available for one-time consults or as-needed tune-ups to help you stay on track. 

Let’s get started!

Other plan development components

Exercises and drills

Exercises and drills

Exercises and drills


Build a crisis-capable team with hands-on learning and real-world exercises  

Threat analysis

Exercises and drills

Exercises and drills


Get a realistic picture of potential threats that could impact your business continuity


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