Crisis Management and Business Continuity Consulting

When faced with a natural or man-made crisis, how will your organization react? Does your answer highly depend on how lucky you are? We can help you reduce your organization’s dependence on luck by helping you develop the necessary leadership and recovery capabilities needed to consistently weather each storm. 

Engagements typically include:

  • Confidence that you can consistently escalate, responding to, and recovering from crises 
  • Clarification of owner, executive, and board of directors’ expectations, delegation, and communication channels
  • Prioritized organization capability and asset continuity planning
  • Insight into crisis management and continuity threats to your competitive advantage
  • Assessment of supplier, vendor, and partner crisis management capabilities

Are you just starting out? Let us help your organization put in place a game plan that helps your Board, management team, or owners sleep better at night because they know there is a real crisis preparation in place. 3 to 4 month engagements start as low as $3,000. Hourly rates are available for larger clients. 

Just need to tune up, mature, or practice (i.e. exercise) your existing crisis team, plan, or program? A la cart services can be purchased for as low as $750. 

Contact us today so we can discuss how Rainy Day Resilience can help you achieve your crisis resilience goals. 

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1-on-1 Crisis Preparedness Assessment

New Engagements are Conducted in 4 Phases:

1. Crisis Risk Review

Before we can help your organization better respond to and recover from a crisis, we need to understand what your organization cares most about. This is why we start engagements by gaining an understanding of your why customers pick your organization over the competition (i.e. your competitive advantage). 

This insight allows us to perform a crisis risk review that focuses on your strategic partners, suppliers, capabilities, assets (e.g. technology, data, people, facilities), and cash flow needed to maintain your competitive advantage. 

The resulting report provides your organization a prioritized list of concerns that can be used to guide your resilience improvement efforts over the coming months and years.  

2. Crisis Preparation

We help you improve your ability to respond to and recover from crises by:

  • Designing, documenting, and implementing a crisis team structure and procedures that empowers and speeds organization decision making during a crisis. Documentation used at time of crisis is streamlined to ensure the crisis team is not overwhelmed with information.
  • Facilitating planning within your organization to recover your strategic partners, assets, and capabilities.
  • Assessing partner, supplier, and vendor crisis resilience

3. Crisis Practice Exercises

If one prepares, but does not practice, one is not truly prepared. We can help design and conduct realistic crisis management and business continuity practice exercises that help you to build the muscle memory needed to consistently respond to and recover from a crisis. We have experience conducting scenario-based practice exercises based on:

  • Natural disasters
  • Cyber threats and data breaches
  • Workplace violence and pandemics
  • Unavailability of people, facilities, suppliers, partners, data and technology
  • Involvement of local first responders, FBI, and emergency managers

4. Continuous Improvement

Crisis Management and business continuity requires sustained investment and prioritization. We can work with you to define and achieve your long-term goals by:

  • Increasing board of directors and executive visibility of crisis resilience risks and the maturity of crisis response and recovery capabilities at your organization
  • Designing program maintenance and improvement plans
  • Assessing your alignment with industry standards