Planning and coaching


Structure your crisis plan around the reality of your business

You don’t need a generic checklist or a one-and-done crisis plan. It’s my passion to guide clients in the best practices for continuity planning. I’ve designed a proprietary approach well suited to growing businesses. Until now, only large corporations could leverage the kind of expertise you’ll get from Rainy Day Resilience. You’ll immediately see the benefits of the experience I’ve gained preparing for and responding to real events.

A robust, all-inclusive program

My approach involves all key stakeholders and contributors in order to integrate disaster preparedness, crisis response, and business continuity into an easily-understood program. It also allows you to integrate your safety protocol. While Rainy Day Resilience can’t advise on emergency management safety protocols, you’ll have access to free resources available online.

Your resilience plan becomes a roadmap for ongoing coaching and training. These services can be included in your consulting package or added later as needed. Many businesses use their plan during onboarding and annual training in order to keep employees fresh and confident.

Not just a must-have

If you’ve always seen disaster planning and crisis management as a dull necessity, consider this: As a well prepared organization, you’re not only in a much better position to assure the wellbeing of employees and customers, you’re also protecting your reputation and competitive standing within the community. 

If you’re ready to protect your company for resilience and success, I’m here to help!

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Planning components

Threat analysis

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring


Get a realistic picture of potential threats that could impact your business continuity

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring


By your side as you put your plan into action

Exercises and drills

Coaching and mentoring

Exercises and drills


Build a crisis-capable team with hands-on learning and real-world exercises  


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