Strategic Planning

Are your organization's goals based on a well-thought-out plan or just pulled out of the air? Are you able to adjust your approach throughout the year, or do you just hope the numbers work out at year end? No matter how much you know or don't know about strategic planning, our 5-step process can help your organization thoughtfully grow and protect its competitive advantage. 

At the conclusion of a typical engagement with us you will have:

  • Better insight into your competitive advantage and its associated strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities
  • Awareness of key influencers to your industry’s profitability
  • The ability to forecast your own future profitability
  • Strategic 3-year goals which incorporate all aspects of your competitive advantage and profit forecast
  • Actionable plans to achieve your strategic goals

3 to 4 month strategic planning engagements start as low as $4,000. Hourly rates are available for larger clients. Past clients can purchase strategy tune-up sessions for as low as $500. 

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1-on-1 Strategy Strength Assessment

Engagements Consist of 5 Steps:

1. Define Your Competitive Advantage

Before we can help your organization, we need to first understand what your organization cares most about. This is why we start engagements by gaining an understanding of your why customers pick your organization over the competition (i.e. your competitive advantage), who your customers are, and what key assets, capabilities and partners you rely on. 

2. What Influences your Profitability?

During this step, we help you identify both positive and negative influencers to your profits.  We use both industry research and your expert knowledge of your customers to ensure a comprehensive view of how your profitability is influenced by factors outside of your direct control. 

3. Competitive Advantage Strengths, Weaknesses, and Opportunities

During this step, we help you to identify potential profit opportunities you may want to pursue and potential concerns you may want to address as we create your growth and protection plan.

4. Growth and Risk Mitigation Planning

Using the outcomes from the last 3 steps, we help you forecast your future profit and define your organization's strategic profit, capabilities, assets, and knowledge goals over the next 3 years.  

5. Set Objectives to Achieve Your Plan

Last, but not least, we help you convert your growth and risk mitigation plan  into measurable yearly objectives so you can monitor your progress throughout the year and adapt as market conditions change.